The Simple Mans Guide to Meditation

La Jolla | California It’s a great paradox of life. We spend our whole lives seeking to achieve that which comes naturally when we stop. Look not beyond the mountain, for happiness lies in the here and now. If you ever doubt this, simply stop doing what you’re doing and watch a cloud, catch a […]

How To Avoid Decision Fatigue

Cardiff | California A big part of the reason why I recommend systems and routines for productivity and a calm mind comes back to this concept of decision fatigue. I use that as a broad term, but basically what I means is: our ability as humans to make good decisions erodes, as we get tired. Think […]

How To Create a Bulletproof Morning Routine

La Jolla | California Other Articles In This Series: Mid-day Reset Finishing Well Evening Routines How much of our lives run on auto pilot? Probably a lot more than we would like to admit. Our subconscious minds and habits run the vast majority of our waking lives.  It’s a fact, get your head around that […]

The Key To Your Happiness is…”nothing”

Breckenridge | Colorado If you ask 100 people on the street or even across the world for that matter, what they want out of life you may hear things like “make a lot of money, start a family, buy a house…etc.” If you keep asking questions however you are going to get down the the […]

Creating The Ultimate Financial Plan

La Jolla | California Let’s dive right in. Having a real financial plan is not simply about saving money. Sure part of the plan is about saving and investing and planning, but there is another layer of benefits hiding under the surface that is potentially more impactful. HAVING a real financial plan & KNOWING exactly […]