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My name is Mat Robar.

I am an entrepreneur, writer and business consultant currently focused in the health, technology & eCommerce markets.  (that sounded really contrived and planned didn’t it?  Ok honest answer time, basically I am just a guy who likes to travel, surf and wax lyrical about life).

I manage several companies or “projects” and choose to consult/focus my time with growing companies looking to make a bigger impact on the world.

This site is is a small collection of thoughts and musings that I am compiling in a project called Zen.Business.Life. The goal of this site and this brand is simple: Help you stay zen, find purpose in your business or career and design your life with meaning and balance so it will actually last. Please enjoy and share the content you find here and always be looking beyond the surface level for the deeper meaning.

You are infinitely more dynamic and powerful than you know and it is my honest hope that the content here might help you discover even a small portion of what is possible.

A sample of some of my current projects are below.  For media inquiries & consulting requests please use the contact page.

The Moringa ProjectNext Level ProfitsManuel Antonio Brewing

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