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you already know the answer…

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Most of our so called “problems” in life come from not having a clear direction on what will truly make us happy right? Here is my thought: To the question on how to live a happier life, be more successful and marry the love of your life, you actually know the answer already, the problem is, your asking the wrong question.

Should I do this or that?

Should I take the job? Should I marry the girl? Do I really love him/her? Should I risk it all? Should I do business with him or not? What is my real passion? Should I hire this person or not? Why am I unhappy? Does this get me closer to my purpose or further away from it?

These are questions that we all ask ourselves everyday, almost out of habit we have learned that we need to analyze all of our decisions. Let me mull it over, let me think about it, well…food for thought. This is the norm, but you know what I really think?

I think most times….we already know the answer. You know it deep down, but something is holding you back from either admitting it or taking action on it. Now I am not talking about math problems here, but real life and business questions. I think the answers to what is going to make us happy and what is going to get us closer to that elusive meaning or purpose in our lives is already within us and we know that. That’s why it hurts!

That’s why it hurts when your NOT on purpose. That’s why it hurts when you wake up everyday and go to a job you hate. That’s why it hurts when your with the wrong person. That’s why it hurts when you compromise your companies ethics for a quick buck. That’s why it hurts and you feel bad inside when you know your being lazy and not living up to your potential.

That’s why it hurts. Your soul is making it painful for you so you will actually wake up and listen to it. Who knows maybe even one day you will wake up and say “this doesn’t feel good… I am going to go do something that does.” Thats your internal guidance, so listen to it.

If you asked 100 people what do you really truly want to do with your life and gave them a minute to think, 98 of em would be able to give you an answer. The trick is you have to be truly honest with yourself. Don’t over-think it and start rationalizing or controlling your thoughts based on logic. Be honest and trust that knowing.

Here is the kicker, out of those 98 people who know what would truly make them happy, maybe 1-2 of them would actually be doing it. So the real question is why are we not following this internal knowing, why do we stay in jobs, relationships and life situations that are less than we know we are capable of. I would contest that the answer is fairly simple and you already know that too, it’s fear.

Get rid of the fear, and nothing will stop you.

So next time you have a big decision to make, quit asking the question because you already know the answer. Instead ask yourself why am I not doing it already? What am I afraid of? and address that.

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